Join the virtual bitcoin mining game!

We are a unique cloudmining platform who buy GHS from third-party service.
The system is designed for fast investors.


Explaination about Kingmine

How works Kingmine?

The invested BTC goes to a trustworthy chinese cloud mining and we receive several times payout.
We can offer a high payout because you participate in a pool. e.g. if you claim then you are active in the pool and receive a payout until the countdown expires.
Less people, higher payout. More people, less payout.
Sounds great? Join now.

Will Kingmine run forever?

No, we buy Antminer S7 with the invested BTC and we will look if Kingmine meet our requirements.
One of the requirements is the ROI. If we watch a high ROI (> 600 days) then we see us forced to refund the user.

Do you have a an affiliate program?

Yes, we have a low 5% affiliate program. We will make sure that we can handle everything well, in this way the low affiliate program.

Any questions? Ask us.

Mail: support [at]